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Across the Years 2024-2024 Race Report Feb 13, 2024 ultrarunning This past December 28 thru Jan 3, Paula and I ran the six day race at Across the Years, in Glendale Arizona. What follows is my attempt to get down Mt. Si 50k 2023 Apr 25, 2023 ultrarunning This past weekend I ran the Mt. Si 50k. This race, in 2017, was the first ultramarathon I ran, so it was a bit of a full circle homecoming to return Losing Weight -- Part Two: Mid Effort Results Mar 27, 2023 ultrarunning & musings Continuing with the thread started in Losing Weight — Part One, we’ve reached the end of the caloric restriction phase of the first cycle of our Doing Hard Things Feb 17, 2023 ultrarunning & musings Thinking more on my views on Brad Stulberg, I’ve noticed a semi-useful distinction that you can use to classify what I’ll call ‘Personal Development Bad Influence Friends Oct 4, 2022 ultrarunning & musings I was recovering from an ankle injury, and was nearly all healed up. We were about to go on a trip where we would see some of our ultrarunning Stephen Park Cocodona 250 Finish Sep 25, 2022 ultrarunning I suggest you skip to about 5:56:00 in the video. Watch Stephen Park finish the Cocodona 250 in 121 hours, 56 minutes, 31 seconds, beating the final More on Hamster Sep 11, 2022 ultrarunning & musings Photo credit: Takao Suzuki It’s now four weeks on from Hamster Endurance Runs. The photo above, taken by Takao Suzuki about 15 seconds after I told Rewards Sep 3, 2022 musings & ultrarunning Last year, at about 10am on Sunday, August 15th, I was running Hamster Endurance Runs, and I was about 27 hours in. I was deeply behind on calories, Failure Aug 25, 2022 ultrarunning & musings “Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.” — Winston Churchill At Hamster Endurance, I ran 67.6 I'm not OK... Aug 19, 2022 ultrarunning I have a marathon left to go, and 10 hours to do it in. My feet are pretty beat up. But… the rest of me feels kind of OK, uh, so I’m just going to I've got blisters on my soul (and other interesting places) Aug 18, 2022 ultrarunning I’ve always had trouble with blisters on my feet when doing long runs - runs longer than, say, 40 miles or so. I suspect part of the problem is that Hamster Endurance Runs 2022 Race Report Aug 15, 2022 ultrarunning “I just took my second nap. They’ve both been about 10 minutes. I have a marathon left to go, and 10 hours to do it in. My feet are pretty beat up. The Sticking Place Aug 2, 2022 ultrarunning MACBETH If we should fail— LADY MACBETH We fail? But screw your courage to the sticking place And we’ll not fail. - Wm. Shakespeare, Macbeth Last High Volume Week Aug 1, 2022 ultrarunning A couple of weeks ago about two miles into a 5 mile run, my right knee started complaining. Since the hamstring injury early this year training has Bob Becker's 2022 Badwater 135 Finish Jul 14, 2022 ultrarunning & musings “The point is reached when fatigue drives us back into ourselves, into those secluded parts of our souls that we discover only under times of such Marathon Support - Runners Jun 28, 2022 ultrarunning One of the best parts of doing marathon support recently was the chance to see and encourage runners. The aid station I where I was deployed was at Aphorisms Jun 6, 2022 musings & ultrarunning Since 2012, it’s been my habit to come up with one aphorism which I think sums up my experience of that year. Here’s the list. (Attributions where I Bank of Badass May 30, 2022 ultrarunning & musings “You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.” - Jack London Yesterday’s run: the second of two back-to-back 12 milers. In Awakenings May 27, 2022 ultrarunning & musings “Awakenings are always terrifying, as they force you to realize that your past has been lived in confinement. The most disturbing part is when you Bad Runs May 23, 2022 ultrarunning & musings “If one could run without getting tired, I don’t think one would often want to do anything else.” - C. S. Lewis Sometimes you do the day’s run and Broken Leg Day May 20, 2022 ultrarunning & musings I think of May 20th as ‘Broken Leg Day’, because on May 20, 2015, my dogs broke my leg. You would think that having a broken leg would be considered Hill Repeats May 19, 2022 ultrarunning I’m not a stellar runner by any measure except my ability to continue for long distances, but there are two kinds of running I’m just awful at (and Ultramarathon Go Bags for Hams May 8, 2022 amateur radio & ultrarunning Some little while ago I was discussing supporting ultramarathon races with some of my ham radio friends. The specific scenario discussed was DFL > DNF > DNS > DNT Apr 22, 2022 ultrarunning & musings I’m a fan of Seth Godin. I envy both his clarity of thinking, and his ability to articulate his thinking clearly and concisely. He writes: The Rim to Rim to Rim Apr 14, 2022 ultrarunning The Grand Algorithm of Youtube coughed last night and offered up a stellar video: ultrarunner and filmmaker Billy Yang and some friends run across Sometimes There's Only the Hard Way Apr 7, 2022 musings & ultrarunning “Sometimes there’s not a better way. Sometimes there’s only the hard way”. — Mary Pearson I don’t know where that quote is from; some young adult