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Antenna Lessons Part Three - Antenna Rigging Aug 10, 2023 amateur radio My home is smack in the middle of a forest, a mix of conifer (Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar, Western Hemlock) and deciduous (Red Alder, Cottonwood, Lessons from Antenna Hanging Part Two - Hardware Aug 5, 2023 amateur radio I live in a forest, and I’ve hung a fair number of antennas from the trees that surround my home. I’ve learned a thing or two along the way. In this Lessons from Antenna Hanging Part One Aug 4, 2023 amateur radio One of the lessons I learned from my recent maintenance effort on my main HF antenna (an 80m-6m OCFD) was that rope differences matter a great deal, Antenna Suspension Maintenance Aug 1, 2023 amateur radio My main HF antenna is a Buckmaster 80-6m OCFD. Two of my friends put it up for me just after my leg was broken in 2015. At the time none of the 3 of Improving NMO antenna magmount Jul 31, 2023 amateur radio I use a mag mount for the antenna on my car. I’ve run through a number of mounts, though, because I just route the coax through the rear hatch and Get Home Bag/EDC Bag May 15, 2023 musings & amateur radio I got a good start on an EDC backpack/bag. This has prompted some thinking about what belongs in an EDC bag, and how much such a bag can weigh. So Batteries and Preparedness Jan 25, 2023 amateur radio Long ago I settled on non-rechargeable AA cells as the battery standard for various packs/kits for both preparedness purposes and also recreational SpaceX Starlink Jan 20, 2023 life in the forest & amateur radio (While not strictly Life in the Forest nor Amateur Radio I’ve tagged this with those tags for want of some better classification.) For something Statistics and Preparedness Jan 6, 2023 amateur radio & musings Being part of the amateur radio world, and being predisposed to preparedness on my own anyway, I rub shoulders with a lot of people for whom Minimal Winlink VHF RMS Station Nov 3, 2022 amateur radio Since sometime in 2019 I’ve run a VHF Winlink RMS that serves the Seattle Eastside/Snoqualmie Valley area. Originally I had a VHF station and a UHF Skills are better than stuff Oct 2, 2022 musings & amateur radio (I’m giving this an amateur radio tag although it is only tangentially related to radio. So many hams are into emergency preparedness, it makes Compactenna 2m/440+ Sep 5, 2022 amateur radio Date 9/5/2022 YouTube decided I needed to watch a video about the COMPACTenna line of antennas. The inventor, Jack Nilsson N8NDL, states that the Diversity and Inclusion Jul 19, 2022 musings & amateur radio I’m still thinking about Dan Romanchik KB6NU’s post about inclusion and amateur radio regarding one club having a chaplain and starting meetings My Bridgecom BCR-220 story Jul 19, 2022 amateur radio In November, 2019 I bought a Bridgecom BCR-220 repeater and duplexer to set up at my home. I wanted to learn about repeaters, and owning one and More NVIS Thinking Jul 19, 2022 amateur radio & NVIS I think the idea of different NVIS antenna designs for different situations is pretty solid, so I have been thinking about parameter ranges for Inclusion Jul 11, 2022 amateur radio & musings Dan KB6NU opines on this reddit post about an amateur radio club that starts meetings with the group chaplain offering an invocation: Hello, newbie An Excellent NVIS presentation video Jun 23, 2022 amateur radio I’m a big believer in learning from mistakes. My preference is to learn from other people’s mistakes. This saves me the time, effort, and NVIS antenna thinking Jun 22, 2022 amateur radio After giving my newly revised presentation on NVIS propagation and NVIS antennas last night I was left unsatisfied with the last part of the Marathon Support Jun 13, 2022 amateur radio Yesterday I spent about half my day doing communications support for the Tunnel Marathon. Race support seems like a fine alignment between my NVIS presentation Jun 8, 2022 amateur radio & NVIS I’ve been asked to do a presentation on NVIS and NVIS antennas for the Microhams club. Since I’ve had further thoughts on how to improve my Mobile VHF/UHF Installation May 27, 2022 amateur radio My goals for a mobile radio installation are: 100% reversible - no holes, nothing permanently mounted. Easily removable, so that it’s simple to Portable Repeater Project - Shelf Weights May 17, 2022 portable repeater & amateur radio I’m in the process of putting all the bits into the SKB roto-molded 4U rack case I’ve got. Mostly that has consisted of arranging things on the two Portable Repeater Project - Receiver & Transmitter May 14, 2022 amateur radio & portable repeater A lot of hams have picked Motorola Maxtrac radios for VHF or UHF repeater projects. But programming the radios is a pain, because Motorola are rigid Portable Repeater Project - Duplexers May 11, 2022 portable repeater & amateur radio A repeater is basically just a receiver with the audio output routed to the input of a transmitter. Whatever it receives (modulo things like CTCSS The Portable Repeater Project - Controller Choices May 11, 2022 Amateur Radio & Portable Repeater Repeater controllers have gone through a significant evolution. The club I’m a member of (SNOVARC) uses ARCOM RC210 controllers. They’re very Portable Repeater Project - Power May 10, 2022 amateur radio & portable repeater In the past I’ve built go box style setups which included internal batteries. The goal, in my view, was to have a setup where you bring it to the The Portable Repeater Project - Case May 10, 2022 amateur radio & portable repeater Since the Portable Repeater will be, well, portable, it will need to be in a case of some sort that will protect it from the heartache and thousand Ultramarathon Go Bags for Hams May 8, 2022 amateur radio & ultrarunning Some little while ago I was discussing supporting ultramarathon races with some of my ham radio friends. The specific scenario discussed was Towards A Modern Mobile VHF/UHF (part 1) Apr 8, 2022 amateur radio The current crop of mobile vhf/uhf radios is, er, disappointing. It’s like they were designed in the 1980’s and have been preserved in amber all The Portable Repeater Project Apr 5, 2022 amateur radio & portable repeater One of my amateur radio projects I’ve got underway in a low intensity background sort of way is building a repeater that is portable - not intended