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Portable Repeater Project - Shelf Weights May 17, 2022 portable repeater & amateur radio I’m in the process of putting all the bits into the SKB roto-molded 4U rack case I’ve got. Mostly that has consisted of arranging things on the two Portable Repeater Project - Receiver & Transmitter May 14, 2022 amateur radio & portable repeater A lot of hams have picked Motorola Maxtrac radios for VHF or UHF repeater projects. But programming the radios is a pain, because Motorola are rigid Portable Repeater Project - Duplexers May 11, 2022 portable repeater & amateur radio A repeater is basically just a receiver with the audio output routed to the input of a transmitter. Whatever it receives (modulo things like CTCSS The Portable Repeater Project - Controller Choices May 11, 2022 Amateur Radio & Portable Repeater Repeater controllers have gone through a significant evolution. The club I’m a member of (SNOVARC) uses ARCOM RC210 controllers. They’re very Portable Repeater Project - Power May 10, 2022 amateur radio & portable repeater In the past I’ve built go box style setups which included internal batteries. The goal, in my view, was to have a setup where you bring it to the The Portable Repeater Project - Case May 10, 2022 amateur radio & portable repeater Since the Portable Repeater will be, well, portable, it will need to be in a case of some sort that will protect it from the heartache and thousand The Portable Repeater Project Apr 5, 2022 amateur radio & portable repeater One of my amateur radio projects I’ve got underway in a low intensity background sort of way is building a repeater that is portable - not intended