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Things I’m busy with now (12/31/2022)

What I’m doing right now

I’m editing this page. (It’s a joke. If you don’t think it’s funny, that’s ok, my kids told me there are two kinds of jokes: the funny kind, and the kind I make.)

What I’m doing this month

Weather is now the usual winter rotten. Trail work is focused on getting some sort of minimal boardwalk built on the main boggy stretch. The short term focus is on felling trees and milling boards to use for this project.

I’m working on getting my book about the things I’ve learned from my adventures in ultrarunning up on this website.

Training for this years races.

Amateur Radio

I’ve got all the parts for the Portable Repeater Project and now I’m busy trying to get it all put together.

Serving on the Tech committee for my local club, SNOVARC.

Volunteering to do ham communications for various footraces.

Planning antenna maintenance (weather permitting) and contemplating installing a DX Commander vertical.


The long term training goal (way out on the horizon) is to run 100 miles in less than 24 hours (aka one hundred miles, one day”). This is an insanely ambitious goal that scares the crap out of me. But, as one of my running friends emphasizes, if your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough.

I’m writing a book (working title Lessons from Ultrarunning”) about what I’ve learned in the process of going from lying in bed with a broken leg to the finish line of a 100 mile ultramarathon. If nothing else, this is improving my writing.

So far I’m registered for two races this year:

  • Mt. Si Ultra (50k) - this is a return to the first ultramarathon I ran, back in 2017. It’ll be interesting to return and see how things go (that first ultra, I was utterly shattered at the finish, so I’m hoping I will do a bit better)
  • Hamster Endurance Runs (32 hour) - I’m hoping for another 100 mile buckle.

I’m busy looking at other races to fill in the spaces between those two

Life in the forest

This is the season where the sap is flowing, so we’re industriously collecting sap from our Big Leaf Maples, which will get processed into maple syrup. This is our second year doing this, so we’re scaling up our operation as well as trying to optimize things so that it doesn’t take over our lives.