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Stephen Park Cocodona 250 Finish

I suggest you skip to about 5:56:00 in the video. Watch Stephen Park finish the Cocodona 250 in 121 hours, 56 minutes, 31 seconds, beating the final cutoff by a mere 3 and a half minutes.

He was 151st out of 151 finishers. The first place finisher, Joe McConaughy, finished in 59:28:54, a staggering achievement. So Stephen finished 62 hours, 28 minutes after the first place finisher crossed the line.

That’s 2.6 days after the first place finisher crossed the line. He was out there, working toward the finish line, for twice as long as the front runners.

Proof once again that you can finish dead last and it will still be an epic, heroic achievement.

There is a special magic to the Golden Hour - the last hour before the final cutoff of an ultramarathon. A major portion of what I find good and fascinating about ultrarunning and the ultrarunning community is directly connected to the fact that the world of ultrarunning celebrates the Golden Hour and the people who finish DFL.

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