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Social Media

Sometimes people ask how to follow me or contact me using social media. The answer is that I don’t use social media at all.

I don’t use Facebook because Facebook wants to present me with the information Facebook wants me to see, instead of the information I want to see. Facebook wants to track my every query on the web. Facebook wants to be able to censor what I say, or what other people say. In a pithy phrase, Facebook sucks because Facebook is free, and if a social media platform is free, I’m not the customer, I’m the product. Every year at the end of the year, I evaluate the things I am spending my time and attention and energy on, and ask myself Is this making my life better, or worse?” And the stuff that is making it worse gets cut off. Facebook didn’t even come close to being a positive. It was just a massive negative, and it got cut, and to be honest I’ve never missed it.

How about Twitter? Twitter’s emphasis is on the snappy comeback, the cancel culture pileon, a world where everything is oversimplified because everything has to be short, pithy, and insulting. Twitter appeals to the worst aspects of humans’ social behavior and then piles corporate censorship on top of the steaming pile of excrement. Everyone else is of course free to defile themselves by participating. I decline.

How about Instagram? Instagram is owned by Facebook. See Facebook above.

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