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Statistics and Preparedness Jan 6, 2023 amateur radio & musings Being part of the amateur radio world, and being predisposed to preparedness on my own anyway, I rub shoulders with a lot of people for whom Aphorism for 2022 Jan 2, 2023 Every year, at the end of the year, I like to choose or write an aphorism that something I’ve learned during the past year. For 2022: “Success and You Better Find Somebody to Love Dec 23, 2022 When the truth is found to be lies And all the joy within you dies Don’t you need somebody to love? Don’t you want somebody to love? Wouldn’t you Lightweight Chainsaw Bars Nov 16, 2022 Much of what I do in the forest involves chainsaws at some point. When we moved here in 2003 we owned one saw, a Stihl 021, which is a very small Covid Forgiveness Nov 6, 2022 musings Quite a few people are weighing in on Emily Oster’s call for forgiving and forgetting mistakes made during the Covid-19 pandemic. My answer to Ms. Minimal Winlink VHF RMS Station Nov 3, 2022 amateur radio Since sometime in 2019 I’ve run a VHF Winlink RMS that serves the Seattle Eastside/Snoqualmie Valley area. Originally I had a VHF station and a UHF Paypal And Acceptable Use Policies Oct 14, 2022 musings There’s been a brouhaha recently about Paypal’s revisions to its acceptable use policy. In brief, the new policy allowed Paypal to fine users who Bad Influence Friends Oct 4, 2022 ultrarunning & musings I was recovering from an ankle injury, and was nearly all healed up. We were about to go on a trip where we would see some of our ultrarunning Skills are better than stuff Oct 2, 2022 musings & amateur radio (I’m giving this an amateur radio tag although it is only tangentially related to radio. So many hams are into emergency preparedness, it makes Stephen Park Cocodona 250 Finish Sep 25, 2022 ultrarunning I suggest you skip to about 5:56:00 in the video. Watch Stephen Park finish the Cocodona 250 in 121 hours, 56 minutes, 31 seconds, beating the final Analog Thinking Sep 24, 2022 musings Date Sep 24, 2022 A pretty common model of how we go about thinking is this: We think using our brain, and other parts of our body are not More on Hamster Sep 11, 2022 ultrarunning & musings Photo credit: Takao Suzuki It’s now four weeks on from Hamster Endurance Runs. The photo above, taken by Takao Suzuki about 15 seconds after I told Burn it down Sep 7, 2022 musings Just this morning, I’ve observed several political pundits and at least one ‘activist movement’ express sentiments which boil down to ‘if I don’t My Relationship With Computing Sep 6, 2022 musings A week ago I was at a dinner party celebrating the opening of a new production of King John at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. It was a festive Compactenna 2m/440+ Sep 5, 2022 amateur radio Date 9/5/2022 YouTube decided I needed to watch a video about the COMPACTenna line of antennas. The inventor, Jack Nilsson N8NDL, states that the Rewards Sep 3, 2022 musings & ultrarunning Last year, at about 10am on Sunday, August 15th, I was running Hamster Endurance Runs, and I was about 27 hours in. I was deeply behind on calories, Failure Aug 25, 2022 ultrarunning & musings “Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.” — Winston Churchill At Hamster Endurance, I ran 67.6 I'm not OK... Aug 19, 2022 ultrarunning I have a marathon left to go, and 10 hours to do it in. My feet are pretty beat up. But… the rest of me feels kind of OK, uh, so I’m just going to I've got blisters on my soul (and other interesting places) Aug 18, 2022 ultrarunning I’ve always had trouble with blisters on my feet when doing long runs - runs longer than, say, 40 miles or so. I suspect part of the problem is that Hamster Endurance Runs 2022 Race Report Aug 15, 2022 ultrarunning “I just took my second nap. They’ve both been about 10 minutes. I have a marathon left to go, and 10 hours to do it in. My feet are pretty beat up. Next page