Paul Butzi |||

Amateur Radio

I’m a licensed amateur radio operator (aka ham”). I passed the exam for Tech and General ticket together in April 2015, and passed the test for Amateur Extra in 2017. My callsign is W7PFB. My home station is in Maidenhead Grid CN97bq.

I was one of those kids who built a Heathkit VTVM, and then a dual trace oscilloscope. And then a host of small computer projects, which in 1975 was still not a common thing to do. We’re talking the heyday of Byte magazine, Steve Ciarcia’s Circuit Cellar, and all the rest. All that led to a career writing operating systems software. Amusingly, it took another four decades for me to find amateur radio and the reason was not the technical aspects but a desire to be able to do VHF/UHF FM for emergency work.

Lately I’ve been active with Parks on the Air (aka POTA) both as an activator and hunter.

In addition to a wide variety of radio related interests, I do occasional presentations on some subjects for groups of hams. The current roster of subjects includes:

  • A Gentle Introduction to PSK31 operating
  • NVIS Antennas and why you might want one